Our superior films activate at 15-20°degrees lower than standard digital film. They are of superior quality and are very competitively priced.We have films with gloss finish which give crystal clear clarity and shine and matt finish for heavy prints.

We also deal in thermal BOPP films and Texture (New) finish films. Our thermal BOPP film is low in cost and available in matt and gloss finish. The texture film is unique to our company. This high quality low-melt film is currently available in fine texture.

Photo Grade Films
Our films are photographic grade and are designed for photographic industry to bond to photo emulsions. The aggressive properties of this film work very well with paper-backed photographs and many digital media. Our films incorporate highest polyester content as a part of total film thickness, yielding the most rigid film per gauge.
Laminating Pouches
Our pouches are alternative to roll films. They are constructed from two sheets of high quality, pre-cut polyester cum PE film, sealed at the top to form a pouch. The material to be laminated is placed in the pouch and laminated on both sides. All our pouches are available in 80, 100, 125, 175, 225, 250 and 350 micron thickness each side and are offered in the following convenient sizes.
Card Laminating Pouches
54mm x 86mm 75mm x 105mm
60mm x 83mm 85mm x 110mm
70mm x 100mm 100mm x 135mm
Photograph Lamination Pouches
4”x6” (108mm x 159mm) 10”x12” (260mm x 311mm)
5”x7” (133mm x 184mm) 12”x18” (325mm x 475mm)
8”x10” (209mm x 260mm)  
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Lamination Film Rolls
Used in Roll to Roll Laminators, the film roles are ideal for laminating large format media. Our rolls are available in 38, 80, 125, 175 and 225 micron thickness and are offered in 3”, 4”, 9”, 12”, 18”, 27”and 40” sizes.
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