We are absolutely delighted by this opportunity to show you a little of what we do Perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind, besides the obvious price and quality considerations, is the capability of the supplier to get the job done. Whether it is a really tight lead time, a complicated configuration or simply the peace of mind that your order is in safe hands.

We have pioneered this field and offer the best quality printing and guarantee the highest standards on the market. Our specialized , highly trained customer service staff can help you choose and design your lanyards.

Customising lanyards especially for educational Institutions can help to increase the inherent visual security of an orgainisation at very little cost. The economy range has specially designed to offer the best cost effective identification solution where budgets are limited.

Customising lanyards for Exhibition & Events to showcase the event or the sponsor of the event adding value to the show/brand. Besides it facilitates co-ordinated and smooth movement of visitors/contractors/guests/special invitees/organizers/press personnel during such events in a cost effective way.

We use the very best materials and therefore guarantee the highest quality always.

Woven in polyester from reputed companies with a tight construction in width of 11.5mm/18mm and length of 37 inches with border on either side. Close construction weaving is to ensure proper and sharp printing of text matter showcasing the company’s logo.

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